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Matlock Cycling Club Newsletter

Support your club by riding our many club events in May
Darley Moor Races on Sunday, 5th May and 13th May are ON

May 2001

Enter the Grouse 10. Entries Close Saturday, 26th May.

Matlock Cycling Club's Home Page.

1. Mountain Bike Section.

Meets each Saturday morning in May at the station car park entrance. These rides allegedly start at 9.15.

Monday evening rides start outside the Laburnum, Hackney Lane at 18.30. Further details of both outings from Tony Holmes on 01629 734753.

Both rides are on tarmac.

2. Thanks.

Thanks to all who helped with the BCF Challenge event at Lea Geen on a cold damp Easter Saturday . A very successful event. Congratulations to the competitors.

3. Club Room.

The Barn club room is open each Thursday evening in April, after the hilly time trial, from about 19.30

Date Programme
Thursday, 17th MayDr Bike

Ring Harry on 01629 822259 to book your appointment.

4. Newsletter.

Congratulations on finding our newsletters at We would value your comments on our efforts.

Try Matlock CC's Home Page which can also be found by using

or even as it says on the new club strip

Mark Fairman, our new webmaster needs information, news, views etc for the web site. He can be contacted by Email

5. Club Kit

A limited number items of the new design are available from stock. Road Jerseys (including a couple in Childrens sizes) and Shorts in various sizes plus Skin Suits in size 5 only.

First come first served.

Contact Steve Ward for more details - Tel;-01629583105 (day), 01629824334 (eve) Email

6. Press Secretary.

Ron Duggins is our Press Secretary . He can be reached on 01629 584677 or Email using . He needs your news by 20.00 on the Sunday evening.

7. Impruve Event

The next Impruve event is the Dr Bike session on Thursday May 19th.

Phone Harry for further details and a Dr Bike appointment

If you missed the local heat of the BCF Challenge you can ride any other heat in the East Midlands. Phone Harry for locations and dates.

8. Open Events,2001

Note date change for the BSCA time-trial and crit championships at Darley Moor on 5th May with the first race at 10.30

9. Club Subscriptions

Club subscriptions for 2001 became due on the 1st January, 2001. They can be paid any time following the AGM. Club subs remain the same as 2000!

Please hand or send completed enrolment forms together with payment to Tony Holmes or Harry Gould.

The BCF have an offer on for club members who are 15 or younger and who have are not members of the BCF. The annual subscription to the BCF becomes £5 with a free racing licence for any branch of the sport. Harry and Tony have the details


Has any one seen the "20" trophy? Return urgently requested.

11. Winter Programme.

Thanks for the suggestions. We still need more new ideas for winter 2001/2.

12.Touring Trophy 200!

This year's touring trophy takes place om Wednesday, 30th May at 18.30, starting form the Barn. You will need a suitable map of the area, a touring bike and the essential items carried by all tourists. If you don‘t get lost too often the finish should be in the barn by 21.00.

13.Pedal Power 2001.

Collect your copy from club or the whitish van.

Please let Danny have any articles, pictures, drawings, anything for the next edition of Pedal Power due out just after Easter, 2001.

14.Darley Moor Events on 13th May.

The first event, 4/J start at 12.00. The second event, 1/2/3, start at around 13.30. Please come and help if you can.

15. Club Events

Final Version(!?) of this year's club events is posted at club together with courses to be used.

If you are under 18 you must have a completed RTTC parental consent form before you race.

Day Date Event Course Time Start
Tuesday 1st May 5 1 18.30 Bus shelter, Ashford
Thursday 3rd May Short hilly 2 18.30 Cromford Railway Station
Tuesday 8th May 5 1 18.30 Bus shelter, Ashford
Thursday 10th May Short hilly 2 18.30 Cromford railway Station
Sunday 13th May 25 4 08.00 Near Firth Rixons
Tuesday 15th May 5, Championship 1 18.30 Bus shelter, Ashford
Thursday 17th May Short hilly, Champs 2 18.30 Cromford Railway Station
Tuesday 22nd May 10 5 19.00 Bus shelter, Ashford
Thursday 24th May Long hilly 6 19.00 Cromford Railway Station
Monday 28th May 25, Championship 4 07.00 Near Firth Rixons
Tuesday 29th May 10 5 19.00 4 Lane Ends, Darley Dale
Thursday 31st May Long Hilly 6 19.00 Cromford Railway Station

No Start Details
1 Lay-by on right on A6 A6-Ashford-left-Hassop island-Ashford
2 Cromford Railway Stn Lea Mill-Lea-5 ways-left-A615-Matlock
3 4 Lane Ends, B5057, DD A6-Picory Corner-Elton X roads-Darley Dale
4 Lay by near Firth Rixons Bakewell-Matlock-Bakewell-Darley Dale
5 4 Lane Ends, B5057, DD DD-Bakewell- Harrison Drive ,DD
6 Cromford Railway StnAs 2 + left at 5 ways, left, left and left to Lea

During the foot and mouth outbreak please observe the RTTC‘s recommendations- disinfect your bike before the start - keep to the road - don‘t go over the wall.

16. Club Charity 2001

Every year the club club decides to support a different charity and any funds raised from a variety of events will be donated to the charity chosen for that particular year.

In 2001 the charity is Headway Derby.

HEADWAY DERBY is a registered charity and their aim is to help people with head injury and their carers to have a better quality of life.

Based in Ford Street, Derby they provide a day centre open two days a week where members can socialise and continue their integration back into society after their traumatic experience. Members enjoy playing pool and table tennis as well as doing jigsaws and craft activities including painting. They also have facilities to use computers with training and a monthly newsletter is produced by the members. Lunch is provided along with regular outings by minibus to play snooker, ten pin bowling and go swimming.

A weekend in Blackpool, an activity day at Lea Green, a visit to Twycross Zoo and a canal boat trip were all popular excursions in the last year.

Limited funding comes from Derby City Council Social Services, Southern Derbyshire Health Authority and Health Improvement Programme and a successful Awards for All lottery grant helped with the provision of computers.

As the charity becomes more successful and better known the running costs soar and all donations are well used to help people who aquire head injuries very often through no fault of their own.

Head injury care and support
Headway Derby

17.BSCA, East Midland Area Championships 2001

Note date change for time-trials and crit championships

It is still possible that these events will be run at Darley Moor on the 5th May


The RTTC handbooks have arrived. See Tony if you ordered a copy.


20.Road Race Judging Training.

We intend to include a training workshop for prospective road race judges at Darley Moor during the event on May, 13th. See Rob if you are interested.

22.Matlock CC Open Events in May.

The Open 10 takes place on Sunday, May 6th 2001, using course A10/16, starting at 08.00. Please come along and help with the running of this event. Cakes appreciated. Event HQ is Rowsley Village Hall.

The East Midland Region of the British Schools Cycling Association hold their Time Trial and Criterium Championships at Darley Moor on Saturday, 5th May. The time trials start at 10.00 and the crits at 12.00. These events are open to all riders of school age and are divided into age groups. Under 8, years 3 and below. Under 10, years 4 and 5. Under 12, years 6 and 7. Under 14, years 8 and 9, Under 16, years 10 and 11. Over 16, years 12 and 13 up to 19 years old. Boys and girls have separate championships.

Entry, £5, is on the day.

Help always appreciated

23.National 24 Hours Championship.

Chris Hopkinson is to ride this year‘s championship which takes place Saturday/Sunday 28/29 July in the North Shropshire area. Richard Clark is organising support hopefully in the form of three teams. Please let him know if you can help in any way on this weekend.

24.Points Competition Update

25.Lady Manners School Cycling Club.

Next meeting is at 12.05 on Friday, 18th May in lab 68

Next morning ride is on Saturday, 26th May leaving Bakewell Square at 10.00 and hopefully returning by 12.00

Enter our Open 10 mile Time Trial on June 5th

For more details Ring (01629) 734996 or Email

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