Courses 2005

Course TitleDistanceDescriptionUse
AH/225 miles School Lane,Rowsley - A6 - Picory Corner ,left B5056 - Youlgreave - Long Rake - Monyash,B5055 - A515, Newhaven - A5012 - Holly Bush,left B5056 - Miners Standard - B5056 - 100yds.of short Hawleys Bridge.Open and Club events
5 (Ashford)5 miles East end of the first lay-by west of Ashford on the A6. A6 - left - A6020 - Hassop Island - return - A6020 - to finish by bus shelter just before "T" junction with A6.Club events
A10/16(club)10 miles Start by the 4th. tree on Church Lane, Darley Dale, just after its junction with the B5057. Darley Churchtown - A6 - Bakewell island - A6 - Darley Dale. Finish by the Darley Dale sign, just before the Little Chef.Club events
A10/1610 miles Start at 25 start - Bakewell - finish by the south end of grass at Whitworth Road.Open events
A25/1225 miles Start on the A6, in the lay-by, north of the Church Lane/A6 junction, opposite the stone gatepost at the north end of gate, adjacent to lamp post T55798. Proceed north along the A6 to Bakewell. Encircle the island and retrace along the A6 to Matlock. Encircle the island and retrace along the A6 to Bakewell. Encircle the island again and return along the A6 through Rowsley and towards Darley Dale. Finish opposite the end of Harrison Way, adjacent to lamp post T58831, north of the Little Chef.Open and club events
A50/1250 miles Start by end of bus lay by at Picory Corner, opposite Congreave Lane,A6 - Matlock island - A6 - Bakewell island - A6 Matlock island(3 circuits) - finish 20 m before Darley Dale sign(10 finish).Club events
Taddington circuit25 milesCongreave Lane at Picory Corner/Congreave Lane - A6 -Bakewell - A6 -A5270 - Brielow Bar - A515 Newhaven - A5012 - Bungalow left - Winster - left B5056 - finish at Alport turn.Club events
Shorter hilly8 miles Cromford railway station - Lea Mills -5-ways -A615 - Church Street - Duke William.Club events
Longer hilly11 miles Cromford Station - Lea Mills -5-ways - A615 - left towards Dethick - first left to Lea - left at Lea - 5-ways - A615 - Church Street - Duke William.Club Events
Winster circuit10 miles 10 start, by Four Ways pumping station, north-A6-Picory Corner-B5056-Elton crossroads-B5057- left to finish on B5057 just before Church Lane.Club events
Sheldon circuit5 miles Start by first gate on left on the extension of Shutts Lane, Bakewell, over the B5056. Continue to Kirk Dale, left up the dale, left at the top of the dale, left on reaching the B5056 to finish by a water post, near a barn, 100yds short of Shutts Lane.Club events
Relay2x6 miles Start by Duke William, up Starkholmes Road ro Riber Road, left to Riber village. Right at Alders Lane to the A615, left through Tansley to Church Street, left to finish by the start.Club events
Hillclimb 1 k Riber Hill , AHC/1.Club over - 18
AH/720 miles Start at corner of access road to Cromford railway station.Go south through Lea Mills and Holloway to Crich. Turn left after the Tramway museum and continue to the T junction above Lea. Turn left, descend through Lea and take the Holloway road at the second X roads. Go through the finish to Holloway where left to start the second circuit. Complete another circuit and the third circuit as far as the finish. Finish: By the school sign approximately 50 m after the X roads. BDCA event
AHC/11 k Start by first grate on access road to St Giles school, Starkholmes Road, Matlock. Go up Starkholmes Raod and turn left into Riber Road to finish approximately 10m past steep hill sign at top of the hillOpen event

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