BSCA National Championships 2006

Official Result of the
BSCA National Circuit Race Championships held on
Sunday, 16th July 2006
Darley Moor Circuit, Ashbourne, Derbyshire

Pos Under-8 Boys 2 mile Time
1. David Barnes Dormansland Primary 6-27
2. Stephen Tombes John Beresford Primary, Walsall at 37s
3. Matthew Braybrooke St Anns, Fulshaw at 1-09
DNS. 3,5..
Pos Under-8 Girls 2 mile Time
1. Charlotte Broughton Greenfield Primary, Countesthorpe 6-42
2. Sophie Capwell St Chads Primary, Lichfield st
3. Lauren Murphy St Monicas RC, Milton Keynes at 44s
4. Amy Selibas Cudworth Primary, Sutton Coaldfield at 1-13
5. Tarn Buxton Lea Primary at 2-35
6. Annabel MacGregor Lea Primary at 3-08
Team Lea PrimaryTarn & Annabell.
Pos Under-10 Boys 2 lapsTime
1. Ben Chapman Two Mile Ash Middle School 8-43
2. Christian Baybrooke St Ann‘s, Fulshaw st
3. Michael Charlton Queens Crescent Primary, Chippenham at 1s
4. Luke Selibas Curdworth Primary at 6s
5. Joshua Parkin Mereworth Community School at 10s
6. Billy Harding Birkenshaw Middle School at 13s
7. Arthur Green Tansley Primary at 13s
8. Alexander Baybrooke St Ann‘s, Fulshaw st
Pos Under-10 Girls 2 laps Time
1. Kate Elizabeth Metalli Woolton Hill Junior 10-01
2. Olivia Hemmings Hagley Primary at 15s
3. Francesca Ruth Simpson Beecroft Primary at 40s
4. Emily Louise Capwell St Chads Primary at 50s
5. Rebecca Jane Ball Ysgol Y Berllan Deg at 2-12
DNS. 31..
Pos Under-12 Boys 3 lapsTime
1. Stephen Bradbury St Edwards, Reading 11-31
2. Benjamin Bailey Harrold Priory Middle st
3. Daniel Murphy St Pauls, Milton Keynes at 2s
4. Lucas Tilston Saddleworth School st
5. Luke Simpson Abbey Grange, Leeds at 3s
6. Samuel Broughton Countesthorpe, at 30s
7. Christopher Latham Withins School at 1-00
8. Morgan Sparrow St Edmunds, Godalming at 1-37
DNS. 41, 47, 49..
Pos Under-12 Girls 3 lapsTime
1. Lucy Garner Cosby Primary 12-46
2. Laura-Marie Allen Sts Peter & Paul, Widnes st
3. Emma Thompson Southmoor Community at 1s
4. Emily Barnes Dormansland Primary st
5. Hannah Shenton Bingley Grammar at 8s
6. Melissa Bury Canon Slade at 21s
7. Alice Barnes Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary, at 24s
8. Roseanna Hemmings Haybridge High at 1-42
9. Megan Hughes Warley High at 1-43
Pos Under-14 Boys 7 lapsTime
1. Dominic Schils St Benedicts‘s, Colchester24-59
2. Jake Hales Ousedale School at 57s
3. George Moore Park Hall, Birmingham at 1-51
4. Bradley Burbridge Latimer Community at 2-19
5. Jack Bowyer Tytherington High at 2-27
6. Jamie Rogers South Axholme Community at 3-42
7. Bruce Dalton Lady Manners, Bakewell at 4-58
Pos Under-14 Girls 7 lapsTime
1. Louise Unsworth Fairwater High School 31-29
2. Alex Kalisz Fernwood, Nottingham st
DNS. 67..
Pos Under-16 Boys 7 lapsTime
1. Thomas Hibberd Perryfields High 27-15
2. David Ball Tividale High st
3. Joseph Allen Sts Peter & Paul, Widnes st
DNS. 72, 73 ,.
Pos Under-16 Girls 7 lapsTime
1. Kelly Moore Park Hall 28-31
2. Arabella Fox Hipperholme Grammar at 1-21
DNS. 82 ..
Pos Over-16 Girls 7 laps Time
1. Rebecca Hughes Heathfield Foundatiom.
Pos Over-16 Boys 7 lapsTime
1. Luke Hughes Tividale Community 27-00
2. Frederick Maier Kirk Hallam at 2s

East Midland Region Circuit Race Championships

Pos Under-8 Girls
1. Charlotte Broughton Greenfield Primary, Countesthorpe
2. Tarn Buxton Lea Primary
3. Annabel MacGregor Lea Primary
Team Lea Primary Tarn & Annabel
Pos Under-10 Boy
1. Arthur Green Tansley Primary
Pos Under-12 Boys
1. Samuel Broughton Countesthorpe,
Pos Under-12 Girls
1. Lucy Garner Cosby Primary
Pos Under-14 Boys
1. Bradley Burbridge Latimer Community
2. Bruce Dalton Lady Manners, Bakewell
Pos Under-14 Girls
1. Alex Kalisz Fernwood, Nottingham
Pos Over -16 Boys
1. Frederick Maier Kirk Hallam

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