The Methodist Church, Matlock Circuit

Circuit Public Issues/DSR Committee

Notes from the Circuit Public Issues Committee Meeting

held at 11.00 on Saturday, 10th February

at Dale Road Manse.

The meeting commenced with a prayer.

Representatives from all circuit churches were present except Winster who sent their apologies.

A review of the activities undertaken since the last meeting [05/02/00] was undertaken. These included, in no particular order-

Future events included-

Themes for harvests were discussed and these included-

It was felt inappropriate at this time for all churches in the circuit to use the same theme.

Other issues of concern included-

Note was made of-

It was suggested and then agreed that next year‘s Public Issues/DSR events would centre around BHF ”Healthy Life Style• ideas.

Stuart volunteered to kick start the year off in September with a sponsored bike ride from from Lands End to John O‘Groats - or it might have been to the cafe at Elton!

The meeting closed at 12.00 with the Benediction.

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