Matlock Cycling Club Newsletter

February 1999

1. Mountain Bike Section.

Meets each Saturday morning in February at 9.00 starting from the station car park entrance. Monday evening rides start outside the Thorntree at 18.30. Further details of both outings from Jon or Tony Holmes on 01629 734753.

2. Thanks.

Thanks to all who helped with the clubs cyclo-cross event at Brickyard Farm. A very successful event.
Thanks to Rob for organising a successful Dinner.

3. Club Room.

The Barn club room is open from about 20.00 on Thursdays in February.

February 4th:  Team Trivial Pursuit.
February 11th: Auction. See below.
February 18th: Rik Clark, Team building. 
February 25th: Maintenance(18.30)/EGM.

4. Newsletter.

The newsletter can be found at AltaVista Matlock Cycling Club, then cjs home page.

5. Pedal Power'98.

Pedal Power 98 is available at club or from Robin. Articles for next years PP urgently required.

6. Press Secretary.

Mark Fairman needs informing of all of our exploits. Please call him on 01629 583564 with all your results as soon as possible after the event.

7. Impruve Event

The next Impruve training event is the maintenance session at the club room on February, 25th, starting at 18.30. Help appreciated.

8. Circuit Training.

Continues on Tuesdays 2nd, 9th and 23rd of February using Starkholmes gym. New members always welcome. Cost Adults: 1, at school or in full time education: 50p.

9. Club Equipment.

Keith is making an inventory of equipment belonging to the club. If you have any such items please let him know.

10. EGM, 25th.February, 20.00 at the Barn.

The club is currently applying for lottery funding for several small items. The club rules need tidying up for this process to be completed smoothly. This EGM seeks to do this. The propositions can be seen displayed at club.

11. Club Events.

Saturday,20th February: Sheldon circuit.  14.00 start.
Saturday,27th February: Hilly 25.  14.00 start from Rowsley.
Under-18 riders must have completed a RTTC parental consent form, before they can start club events. Note: The Clubs Open Hilly, and the BDCA 25 on the A25/12 close on Tuesday, 23rd February.

12. Club Subscriptions

Club subscriptions for 1999 became due on the 1st January. Please hand or send completed enrolment forms together with payment to Tony Holmes or Harry Gould.


This years auction night is Thursday, 11th February at 20.00. Please let Harry know, in advance, of any items you have for sale. Lists of items for auction will be available before the night.

For more details Ring (01629) 734996 or Email

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