First Edition

BSCA East Midland Roller Championships 2008

Held on Saturday, 10th May 2008
Promoted at Forest Town, Mansfield


PositionNameSchoolUnder-8 Boys Times
1.James LuscombeBreadsall CofEU-8 Boys 47.41secs, 47.25secs, 1.57.63secs
2.Nick EdwardsLea PrimaryU-8 Boys 1.12.80secs, 1.11.43secs, 2.37.92secs
3.Harry John Morely?U-8 Boys 1.15.78 secs, 1.20.28secs, 2.35.80secs
4.Adam WearnRedlands PrimaryU-8 Boys 1.15.18secs, 1.16.32secs, 2.55.67secs
5.Matthew LuscombeBreadsall Cof EU-8 Boys 1.12.00secs, 1.18.50, 3.01.60secs
6.Tom PollackLea PrimaryU-8 Boys 1.45.69 secs, 2.00.41 secs, and 3.51.75 secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-8 Girls Times
1.Esme Rose BumbyLea PrimaryU-8 Girls 54.63 secs, 52.14 secs, 2.19.37 secs
2Amelie WayteLea PrimaryU-8 Girls 1.20.53secs, 1.28.10secs, 3.10.4secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-10 Boys Times
1Toby BumbyLea PrimaryU-10 Boys 35.80secs, 37.14secs,1.33.49secs
2 Oliver EdwardsLea PrimaryU-10 Boys 40.15, 38.91, 1.36.27secs
3 Chris Wearn?U-10 Boys 45.26secs, 43.44secs, 1.48.55secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-10 Girls Times
1. Abbie WayteLea PrimaryU-10 Girls 45.38secs, 47.33secs, 1.42.22secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-12 Boys Times
1. Alex WalshThomas Cowley HighU-12 Boys 34.75secs, 27.21secs, 1.05.70secs
2 Scott GledhillBranston CommunityU-12 Boys 29.02secs, 29.72secs, 1.09.11secs
3 Harry Crew?U-12 Boys 31.43secs, 31.92secs, 1.16.16secs
4 Patrick Hughes?U-12 Boys 33.86secs, 32.80secs, 1.16.12 secs
5 Patrick SmartHighfieldsU-12 Boys 34.38secs, 34.00sec, 1.15.72secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-12 Girls Times
1. Tiffany Fletcher Aston-on-Trent Primary U-12 Girl35.94secs, 42.13secs, 1.24.13secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-14 Boys Times
1. Joe Kirkham Chellaston Secondary U-14 Boys26.13secs, 25.40secs, 59.86secs
2 Matt WatersTuxfordU-14 Boys 27.13secs, 28.43secs, 1.01.81secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-14 Girls Times
1. Emily Thoday Highfields U-14 29.28secs, 29.69secs, 1.06.82secs
PositionNameSchoolUnder-16 Girls Times
1. Alexander Kalisz Fernwood SchoolU-16 Girls 27.99secs, 32.96secs, 1.17.80secs
PositionNameSchoolOver-16 Boys Times
1Sam Kirby?O-16 Boys 23.16secs, 23.80secs, 56.12 secs
2 Iain Bonsall?O-16 Boys 25.8secs, 24.38secs, 57.72secs

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