1999 AGM Notes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Matlock Cycling Club

Held at The Barn, Church Street, Matlock, Thursday 18 November at 8.00pm

1) Members Present

Keith Noble, Robin Gould, Harry Gould, Tony Holmes, Mark Fairman, Danny Hopkinson, Caroline Warren, Peter Towey, Lee Shunburne, Stewart Marsh, John White, Dave Thornley.

2) Apologies

Apologies were received from Cynthia Gould and Clive Warren.

3) Minutes of the last Meeting

The minutes of the last AGM held on 19th November 1998 were read and approved as a true record.

4) Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

5) Chairman's Report

As retiring Chairman, Keith Noble thanked all those members who had helped during his term of office, particularly the committee. He apologised for not getting to the club as often as he would have liked during the past year, but was delighted to have served as Chairman during such a period of success, particularly off road. Credit was due to all those who have helped add to this success. The Chairman commented on the ongoing success of Project Impruve and the recent innovation of a Club web site.
This has taken a lot of work behind the scenes and more information is always welcome.

6) Secretary's Report

The Secretary stated that club membership stood at 162 as of that evening. This means that the club has achieved and surpassed the target set for the current year in the Project Impruve Development Plan. This continues the healthy upward trend in membership. As last year the Secretary asked that members continue to promote the club and actively encourage new recruits, especially from the younger age groups.

7) Treasurer's Report

The income for the year had been just over £3000 which was a large increase over last year. A large proportion of this increase had come from Awards for All grant of £4277.The club had £1739.32 in the bank at the beginning of the year. To complete the accounts figures were still required from Riber Hill climb and the summer BSCA event at Brickyard Farm. The club dinner made a small loss. There are still over £500 of unpresented cheques, £200 of which are over 18 months old. There was a large increase in BCF and BCCA membership. The purchases made from the Awards for All grant amounted to £4547.88. Money will also be used to purchase a domain for the club‘sweb site. Newsletters cost approximately 22.80 per month to post to 120 members. The balance carried forward stands at £1816.07, not including the £500 to be received from the BCF
The Chairman thanked the Treasurer for a very clear presentation.

8) Time Trial Secretary's Report

The TT Secretary thanked all promoters and marshals for their efforts in what was occasionally, awful weather. The open TT proved successful, after the first had been cancelled because of snow. There had been approximately the same number of riders in the club events. There was a potential shortage of timekeepers, particularly for the shorter events, but this was to be addressed at a training session. The Sainsbury problem was still with us, and as yet there was no obvious answer.

9) Social Secretary's Report

In the absence of a Social Secretary, the Chairman commented on the varied program of events. He thanked all those who had contributed, particularly Aidan Leheup for his recent talk and slide show. The Dr Bike sessions have proved useful, particulatly to the younger members.
Any suggestions for forthcoming events are welcome, particularly those with an emphasis on the younger members.

10) Cyclo Cross Secretary's Report

The CC Secretary thanked all those who helped him , before, during and after races. He commented that this was the best year since the days of Tim Gould.
Phil Spencer in particular had had a tremendous season, winning the National Champs, North of England Champs, Notts & Derby League and National Trophy. Lee Fearn and Alex Forrester were 8th and 9th respectively in the Espoirs. Other names worthy of mention were Bob Wood - Anderson, Steve Ward, Harry Gould and Ron Duggins
The club had more members in the BCCA than any other in the country.

11) Mountain Bike Secretary's Report

The Saturday morning and Monday evening rides have continued to attract a good number of riders, many of whom have joined the club.
Thanks should be recorded to Pat and Mick Harvey at the Thorntree for their hospitality over the years and good wishes to them in their retirement.

12) Road Race Secretary's Report

The RR Secretary commented that Matlock CC had the largest number of BCF members in this division.
Alex Forrester has had a number of good rides at U-23 level.
Unfortunately the Ashbourne Cup had proved something of a wash out.
However the Secretary thanked all those who had helped at the various events in the year.

13) Press Secretary's Report

The Press Secretary thanked all those who had helped him, especially Mary (Fairman) and to those who had provided reports in his absence. Family/work/cycling commitments had meant he had not been able to devote as much time as he would have liked to the job.
The diary in the Peak Advertiser had not proved as successful as he would have liked, but being on the web had proved a boon for filing reports. The Press Secrtary commented that it had been a pleasure to report on the successes, especially Phil Spencer.
The Chairman thanked the PS for his stirling efforts.

14) Club Affiliations

It was unanimously agreed that affiliation to all the above bodies should continue.

15) Election of Officers

Club officers for the forthcoming year were elected as below :-

Chairman Robin Gould
Vice Chairman Keith Noble
Secretary Tony Holmes
Treasurer Harry Gould
PRO/Press Secretary Mark Fairman
Social Secretary No Nominations. (To be undertaken jointly by the committee)
Road Race Secretary Danny Hopkinson
Cyclo-X Secretary Harry Gould
Time Trial Secretary Chris Mottram
MTB Secretary Tony Holmes
HPV Secretary Andrew Marshall
Coaches Tim Gould, Rick Clarke
Auditors John White, Graham Goulding
Committee Members Caroline Warren, John White,Stewart Marsh

Enquiries were to be made of Steven Minshull and Hazel Wakefield, as to whether or not they would be willing to be on the committee (as young members)

16) Project Impruve

The £500 received from PI is to be used for coaching purposes, to pay for the web site/domain, and for inter officer communication. The club has, on average, run one event per month for young children. Although there were only 9 children who took part in Challenge 99, this was not untypical and should not be seen as a failure.
The PI Development Plan schedule is being maintained. 6 officers have attended an NCF coaching course on how to deal with children.
Caroline, acting as schools liaison officer, has been round schools in the area to publicise the PI scheme. Caroline is also to arrange for Roger Whitfield to give a presentation of the Get Set training schedule. PI has been a big step forward for the club and the Chairman asked that a vote of thanks be given to Harry for all the work he has done in the formulating of our presentation and Development Plan. The lack of participating children has been more than made up for by the enthusiasm of those who did take part.

17. Club Subscriptions

It was unanimously decided that club subscriptions should remain at their present level.

18) Club Charity

Two options were put forward for the club charity. After some discussion it was decided that the 2000 charity would be Crossroads, and the 2001 charity would be Headway. The first money raising event would be the raffle at the club lunch.

19) Club Lunch

The proposed date for the club lunch is Friday January 21 2000 at the Whitworth Hotel. Details will be available soon.
The postponed Pie & Pea Supper is likely to be held at the same venue, before Easter, on a date to be decided.

20)Election of Life Member.

It was proposed that Peter Turner, who was a junior in the club in 1939, should be made a Life Member, in recognition of his long and active association with the club.There was a unanimous vote in favour.The Secretary is to write to Peter, informing him of his election.

21) Any Other Business

The possibility of hiring or buying a video of the National Hill Climb at Rowsley Bar, was discussed.
The Secretary is to write to the BCF to find out the best option.

21) Any Other Business

The third Thursday in November 1999 i.e. 16th.November 2000.

There being no other business the meeting closed at 9.45pm.

For more details Ring (01629) 734996 or Email cj@argonet.co.uk.

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