2004AGM Notes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Matlock Cycling Club

Held at The Barn, Church Street, Matlock, Thursday 20 November, 2003at 8.00pm

1) Members Present

22 Members present.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Geoff Willaim

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting

These were taken as read and approved as a true record.

4. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

5. Chairman's Report

The Chairman was pleased to report that the club had continued to go from strength to strength, particularly in cyclo-cross. The club had continued to promote a number of events, including the Lea Green round of the cyclo-cross National Trophy series. Thanks were due to all who had assisted in making these events a success

The secretary reported

6. Secretary Report

The secretary reported that the total membership for the year was 239, which whilst marginally lower than last year is still an excellent level, with a particularly high proportion of young members. The British Cycling membership currently stands at 70. This level of membership makes Matlock CC one of the largest in the country, both in terms of overall membership and that of British Cycling.

7. Treasurer Report

The Treasurer reported a healthy financial situation and explained the detail of the balance sheet to members. The total income to the club during the previous financial year was £11665.14, with an expenditure of £8771.73, leaving a balance carried forward of £2893.41. The total income from promotions was £4308.50, with £300 still to receive from Tarmac. Expenditure on promotions was £4658.83. The club accounts will now go for auditing.

8. Time Trials Secretary Report

The TT Secretary reported that there had been 600 individual rides in club events during the season, which puts the club almost at the top of the Central District in terms of participation. Matlock CC has had the greatest participation from it’s own members. The events had all gone well and thanks were due to all members who had given assistance in whatever form, although new help was always welcomed. MCC ‘25’ course is now being used by another club for the first time ever. The BSCA TT championships are being held at Darley Moor on 29 May 2004 and all offers of assistance will be gratefully received.

9. Social Secretary Report

The varied programme of last season was well attended and thanks were expressed to all contributors. Particularly popular had been the slide shows and accompanying talks of holidays/expeditions. The Social Secretary made a request not to forget to take photographs/videos when on holiday which could then be used as the basis for a talk at future social events. Anyone with ideas for interesting topics please pass them on to the Social Secretary. Cards have been sent out on behalf of the club in several instances of good and bad fortune affecting individual members. If any member knows of a situation where such a card is appropriate, please let the Social secretary know. A funding application has been made under the heading of ‘community champions’ for the purchase of a digital slide projector. This could be used as a training medium for the encouragement of the participation of under privileged groups in cycling.

10. Cycle Cross Secretary Report

The CC Secretary thanked all who had assisted in the promotions at Lea Green and Brickyard Farm. The club has once again maintained its reputation for excellent results. Dan Alexander won the Premier League and was 4th in this year's Three Peaks. Tom Last is leading the youth category in the National Trophy series. The U12 team is leading in this seasons Notts and Derby league. Last season Matlock won the overall N&D team award, Peter Sharkey was veteran champion, Bob Wood-Anderson senior veteran champion, and Terry Taylor master veteran champion. Matlock CC was the club with the highest number of participants.

11. Mountain Bike Secretary Report

.The MTB secretary reported another healthy year in terms of participation in both the Saturday morning and Monday evening rides. A steady flow of new members has continued into the club.

12. Road Race Secretary Report

o report

13. Press Secretary Report

The Press Secretary reported a good level of publicity throughout the year. Cycling Weekly and Cycling Plus are to feature the clubs new kit following the changes to the sponsorship arrangements. Harry has taken over from Chris during the cross season and this will continue into next year. All reports should be submitted to Chris via email, but as Text not an attachment.


14. Affiliations/Club Subscriptions

The club is affiliated to BC, CTT, Notts & Derby league, CDLCA, BSCA, Peaks to Coast, BDCA, Road Peace and Sustrans (although no payment has so far been made to Sustrans this year) Chris Hopkinson proposed that the club should also affiliate to the Road Race Association and Lakes and Lancs SPOCO. This was seconded by Keith Noble.

Subscriptions Harry reported that the clubs healthy financial situation meant that an increase in subscription fees was unnecessary. This has been made possible by good management and substantial efforts to gain income.

15 Club Sponsorship

The Chairman, on behalf of the club officials and members, wished to express his thanks to Steve Ward for his financial assistance as sponsor of the club over the past five years. Dan Alexander reported that now was ideal time to review the sponsorship arrangements. He has been in contact with Impsport, a Lincoln based firm of sports kit manufacturers, who are keen to supply kit to Matlock CC members on a subsidised basis. The decision has also been made to seek further sponsorship from local companies and Jon Farmer (Farmers of Matlock) has been approached and would be delighted to be involved. Steve Ward has kindly agreed to continue to provide financial support. Dan explained the design of the new kit and the basis of the subsidy offered by Impsport. All items will be subject to a 15% discount from normal retail prices. There will be no minimum order and items can be ordered at any time, via Dan. Money will be needed with orders and cheques should be made payable to Matlock CC. The provision of a high visibility version of the kit was also available. This version, whilst it could not be registered for BC competition, would be particularly advantageous for use on normal roads and by children, where visibility was of prime importance. The new versions were approved by the meeting. A pro forma for orders would be provided with the next newsletter. Phil Smith suggested that the pro forma should also be placed on the web site. 16 Election of Officers

Club officers for the forthcoming year were elected as below :-

Chairman Robin Gould
Vice Chairman Mark Fairman
Secretary Tony Holmes
Treasurer Harry Gould
PRO/Press Secretary Chris Hopkinson
Social Secretary Phil Smith
Road Race Secretary Darrell Carter
Cyclo-X Secretary Harry Gould
Time Trial Secretary Chris Mottram
MTB Secretary Tony Holmes
Child ProtectionRichard Thoday
Web Master Mark Fairman
Coaches Tim Gould, Rick Clarke, Andrew Knowles, Roy Osment, Dawn Watson, Chris Mottram
Auditors Di Worthy
Committee Members Keith Noble,Dawn Watson,,Stewart Marsh

17.Go Ride

MCC is now an officially approved ‘Go Ride’ club. This scheme replaces the old ‘Improve’ system and aims to find 50+ youngsters each year for coaching through activities like the Get Set/BSCA schemes. The advantage of Go Ride being that individuals can record their achievements on the website and become part of a local and national ranking system, dependant on the level of skills achieved. Club officers are to attend a meeting early in the New Year to explain more about the scheme.

18 Club Charity

The charity for 2004, as proposed at last years AGM, is Motor Neurone disease. Geoff William had suggested Medicin sans frontiere as the charity for 2005, but after some discussion it was thought a more local charity would be more appropriate. Peter Towey suggested the Red Cross or St Johns.

19 Club Dinner and Prize Presentation

Robin stated this will be held on Friday 23 January 2004 at the Coach House, Lea. It was suggested that Colston Crawford and Graham Snowden might be invited, as well as a representative from the Matlock Mercury. Dan asked for ideas that could be employed to encourage more members to attend what is a very important night for the club. The possibility of changing the event to a dinner, followed by prize presentation, followed by a disco. Prizes possibly presented by a well-known cyclist. Chris Hopkinson asked to be kept informed of who will be invited. Robin is to step down as organiser and the Chairman thanked him for all his hard work over the past years. .

20Any Other Business


21 Date of Next Meeting

The next AGM will be Thursday 18 November 2004 at 8.00pm.

The meeting closed at 9.55m.

For more details Ring (01629) 734996 or Email cj@argonet.co.uk.

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