2001 AGM Notes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Matlock Cycling Club

Held at The Barn, Church Street, Matlock, Thursday 15th November, 2001 at 8.00pm

1) Members Present

Tony Holmes, Ron Duggins, Richard Clark, Keith Noble, Richard Thoday, Peter Towey, Darrell Carter, Andrew Knowles, Robin Gould, Chris Mottram, Stewart Marsh, Chris Hopkinson, Phil Smith, Harry Gould.

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Dan Alexander, Mark Fairman, Tim, Jill and Holly Gould.

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Peter Towey proposed that as the minutes had already appeared in Pedal Power, they should be accepted as a true record. The meeting approved this unanimously.

4. Matters Arising

There were no matters arising.

5. Chairman's Report

The Chairman thanked all those who have helped at any promotion or event during the last 12 months.

The club has once again had a very successful year in all aspects of the sport. There were many individuals who had achieved personal success and maintained a high profile for the club.

The Chairman also thanked Harry Gould for his skill in the completion of the application for the VIP award, which resulted in the club winning the regional prize of 1,000 and being in contention for the national prize of a further 3,000.

6. Secretary Report

The Secretary reported that the membership for the year stood at an all time record of 242, of whom in excess of 80 are also BCF members. The high level of BCF membership gives Matlock the 6th largest membership in the UK.

The Secretary also thanked Richard Thoday for volunteering to attend the MVA consultation meeting on 11th December, in his stead.

7. Treasurer Report

The Treasurer gave a full explanation of the club=92s accounts which are summarised as attached.

The Young Riders Fund account has a balance brought forward of 3155.26. With receipts and interest the balance carried forward is now 3379.88.

8. Time Trials Secretary Report

The TT Secretary thanked all who had supported club and open events during the season either as rider, marshal or judge

the open time trials went well but suffered due to a lack of entries particularly the Riber Hill Climb. It would be good to encourage a few more.

In the forthcoming season the Tarmac 25 clashes with the Derby Mercury event. It has been agreed that a flyer re: Tarmac will be sent out with entry forms for the Derby event, to encourage any riders who are unsuccessful in entering to come and ride in Matlock.

9. Social Secretary Report

The Social Secretary commented that this was his first committee position with a cycling club and as social secretary was trying to build on what had already been done.

It has always been difficult to attract members to club night although we have done quite well, but to succeed we rely greatly on ideas from members. There has been a varied programme so far and has received excellent press coverage via Ron.

The Andy Heading/Alan Sheldon evening was particularly well attended and more like that would be welcome.

Dr Bike is a useful regular slot and together with Scalextric and other targeted items we have tried to encourage the participation of younger members. Hopefully with a little more promotion this will occur.

Thanks to all who have provided ideas and keep them coming.

(See attached Winter Club Night Programme).

10. Cycle Cross Secretary Report

The Cyclo Cross Secretary reported that the club has the largest cyclo cross membership in the country.

Individual achievements are:-

Dan Alexander Winner of Notts and Derby League
Ron Duggins Winner of Super Vet in Notts and Derby. 2nd in North of England Champs.
Harry Gould 2nd Grand Master Vet in Notts and Derby.
Bob Wood-Anderson National Trophy winner.

The club won the team championship in the Notts and Derby League.

Richard Clark commented on the superb overall achievement.

11. Mountain Bike Secretary Report

The Saturday morning and Monday evening rides have continued throughout the year. They have brought in a steady flow of new members.

The new venue for the Monday night rides is now The Laburnum, which has proved a great success.

Hazel Wakefield won the National Junior MTB Championship,

Phil Spencer was the highest placed British rider at the World Junior MTB Championships.

12. Road Race Secretary Report

Richard Clark reported that the Ashbourne Cup event at Darley Moor had gone off well and would form part of a full programme of events at the circuit next year.

13. Press Secretary Report

The Press Secretary commented that he could not have done his job without the success of the riders. He said that the success of the role is judged by the number of times the club is mentioned in the press reports. He had begun to count the occasions the club was mentioned in Cycling and local press, he had got to 550 and gave-up.

The invitation of Colston Crawford to the club dinner had proved a big advantage. There has also been good coverage in the Derbyshire Times and it was suggested that Sports Editor, Andrew Jarvis, should be invited to this year club dinner.

Richard Clark proposed a vote of thanks to all club officials for their hard work in maintaining the progress and profile of the club.

14. Affiliations/Club Subscriptions

All affiliations have been paid except the Peaks and Coast.

The club affiliations are BCF, RTTC, BSCA, CDLCA, BDCA, Peaks to Coast.

It was agreed that club subscriptions would remain at their present level for the forthcoming year.

16. Election of Officers

Club officers for the forthcoming year were elected as below :-

Chairman Robin Gould
Vice Chairman Mark Fairman
Secretary Tony Holmes
Treasurer Harry Gould
PRO/Press Secretary Ron Duggins
Social Secretary Phil Smith
Road Race Secretary Danny Hopkinson
Cyclo-X Secretary Harry Gould
Time Trial Secretary Chris Mottram
MTB Secretary Tony Holmes
Web Master Mark Fairman
Coaches Tim Gould, Rick Clarke, Andrew Knowles
Auditors Graham Goulding
Committee Members Keith Noble,Wendy Smith, Richard Thoday,Stewart Marsh

Graham Goulding is to be asked if he is willing to be auditor. A plea for a second auditor was made. Adge Last is to be asked if he is willing to fill the post.

16. Project Improve

The club achieved the second highest overall attendance at a Challenge event and is also one of very few clubs who have met the more stringent BCF Improve criteria.

Assistance has also been given at various other events e.g. Carsington, where the section organised be Harry, Ron and Sue Wakefield proved the best at the event. The clubs assistance was appreciated be DCC Sports Liaison Officer. Next years event at Carsington is likely to be held on 6th June will also require our help.

The club also ran a Get Set event at St. Elphins organised by Harry, Ron and Rick. 30 took part in the event which was oversubscribed, despite poor weather. A similar event is to be run by the council next year. All participants were given membership of Matlock CC and BCF.

A development league for Improve and near Improve clubs has been proposed. Matlock's event in the scheme could be a cyclo cross. Riders could then go to other clubs in the East Midlands to take part in their events.

In general there is a future for Matlock CC as a part of the Improve scheme.

17. Club Charity

Following John White suggestion from last year AGM it was proposed and unanimously agreed that the charity for 2002 should be the Air Ambulance.

Suggestions for the following year were Muscular Dystrophy, Motor Neurone Disease and Cancer Research.

18. Club Dinner and Prize Presentation

After the success of last year event, Robin has again organised that the venue will remain The Coach House, Lea. This will take place on Friday 18th January 2002 at 7.30 p.m. Tickets will be available soon.

19. Any Other Business

A discussion took place with regard to the recently issued letter by the BCF concerning the problems with it insurance company. Estimates of costs were too low and it is possible that subscriptions could be increased above the increases already proposed, or it is possible insurance may not be covered at all.

Chris Hopkinson thanked Matlock CC for the help it had given him during the course of his membership and especially to those individuals who helped at this years 24 hour championships, Harry Gould, Chris Mottram, Robin Gould, Darrell Carter and Richard Thoday. He also thanked the club for the excellent press coverage he had received. Despite his now racing for Peter Read he will remain as a second claim member of Matlock.

20. Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 21st November 2002 at 8.00pm.

The meeting closed at 9.53pm.

For more details Ring (01629) 734996 or Email cj@argonet.co.uk.

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