2000 AGM Notes

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of Matlock Cycling Club

Held at The Barn, Church Street, Matlock, Thursday 16 November at 8.00pm

1) Members Present

Harry Gould, Robin Gould, Keith Noble, Peter Towey, Mark Fairman, Tony Holmes, Stewart Marsh, Richard Thoday, Chris Hopkinson, Chris Mottram,

2. Apologies

Apologies were received from Ron Duggins and Lee Shunburne

3. Minutes of the Last Meeting

Peter Towey proposed that as the minutes had already appeared in Pedal Power, they should be accepted as a true record. This was approved unanimously by the meeting.

4. Matters Arising

As any items requiring further discussion were already on the agenda, it was proposed that they should be discussed as they appeared on the agenda.

5. Chairman's Report

The Chairman thanked all members who had turned up at club events, in whatever capacity, whether it was as rider, spectator or marshal. He also thanked all those who had helped the club in any other capacity, particularly those who had provided financial support in the way of sponsorship, Steve Ward for his continuing club sponsorship, Tarmac for their involvement in the 25 and Stanley Fearn's for their provision of prizes. The Chairman also thanked Chris Mottram for his work in organising the club time trials and club nights, and also the rest of the committee for there efforts. All of which continue to make Matlock Cycling Club a success

6. Secretary's Report

The Secretary said that the last year had been an excellent one for the club in terms of membership numbers, which currently stand at 197. This is certainly the highest in recent years and is possibly the highest ever total for the club. The number is well in excess of the club's Project Impruve Development Plan target for the year. There are currently 33 BCF members.

The Secretary asked that in order to continue the level of membership, all existing members should continue to promote the club as much as possible, particularly to young people and ladies.

The Secretary also asked that any change of address be notified to him at the earliest opportunity, by phone, email or letter.

7. Treasurers Report

The Treasurer produced a statement of account printed off his computer in A3 format. He also brought along the full size version which covered half of Derbyshire, but was an indication of the amount of work which goes into the maintenance of the club accounts.

The Treasurer said that the club has had a good year financially. At this point 7622.48 has passed through the books. Last year's lottery grant and the road race has accounted for the apparent large drop, but the amount is still more than the last 'normal' year. The members affiliations to the BCF are not yet shown. This year has shown the highest membership, in cash terms during the Treasurer's membership. The income from membership has been reduced by the decision to allow a number of younger members free membership. The total membership income is 1293, which is 70 higher than before.

Competition income is 2312, which when sponsorship is taken into account means there is a small profit. Last year's club dinner made =100 profit and the club donated 117.50 to the Crossroads charity, which is the best ever single charity donation.

The auction raised 405 and 60 for the Young Rider's Fund. 500 has been received from the BCF for Project Impruve, plus an additional 25.

The current balance is 2525.66, this will drop to around 2100 when all payments are made. This will still be about 600 up on last year.

The Young Rider's Fund balance began at 2976.60 and following the transfer of 136 to pay for children's tickets to the World Track championships, the current balance stands at 3019.26.

The total balance is around 5000. The situation regarding the unpresented cheques, totalling around 300, was discussed at a recent committee meeting. It was thought that the money should be treated as a 'windfall' and used as a 5 additional clothing subsidy for existing members, subject to approval at the AGM. This was agreed unanimously.

8. Time Trial Secretary's Report

The TT secretary thanked all who had supported the events throughout the season, riders, marshals, time keepers and other assistants . He said it was a pity that we could not manage to enter a team for Riber. Overall it had been a reasonably successful year, with the club organising the second highest number of club events in the district.

9. Social Secretary's Report

In the absence of a Social secretary the job of organising events had been undertaken by the committee. A reasonably varied programme had been organised for winter club nights, which were enjoyed by those who came.

10. Cyclo Cross Secretary's Report

The Cyclo Cross Secretary said that last year had been another very successful year. The club had, by far, the highest number of individuals registered with the BCCA (36) and so far this season there are 34. The next highest number being around 20. From a cyclo cross point of view MCC was THE club in the country.

Several individuals are worthy of mention. Phil Spencer finished in the top 25 in the Worlds and Hazel Wakefield was picked as reserve.

Dan Alexander won the Senior Notts & Derbys title. Other successes in the league were Bob Wood-Anderson (2nd vet), Ron Duggins (1st super vet), Dave Worthy (1st senior vet). Matlock also won the team title.

This season has continued in the same way. Dan Alexander is leading the Notts & Derbys league and is well placed in the National Trophy.

Saturday 28 December is the Brickyard Farm round of the N & D league. Assistance on the day before to set out the course and on the morning of the race would be very welcome.

11. Mountain Bike Secretary's Report

Monday night and Saturday morning rides continue to attract a good number of riders, some of whom have joined the club and gone on to compete, particularly in Cyclo cross.

The possibility of running introductory rides for beginners has been put forward, and these should help publicise the club and its activities to a wider audience.

12 Road Race Secretary's Report

No report was given but it was stated that the club ran two successful road races. Unfortunately the BSCA event was cancelled because of conflict of dates.

13. Press Secretary's Report

Mark stated that he was handing over to Ron Duggins and wished to thank all those who have helped him, especially Mary, for her 'translation' work, also to Ron and Harry, and to all those who have phoned or emailed reports.

The club now has a good reputation for providing worthwhile 'copy' to the local press. Mark said he was sure Ron would take on the job with his customary flair.

Harry proposed a vote of thanks for Mark's hard work, which was unanimously carried.

14. Club Affiliations

The sponsorship fees to the BCF, RTTC and BCCA are paid by Steve Ward, totalling =A3150. From January 1 BCCA is covered by BCF affiliation. Cyclo Cross riders are covered under the current arrangements until the end of February 2001. It is as yet unclear what riders will pay next season. BCF membership is likely to rise to around 35.

The possibility of affiliating to the CTC was discussed. It was decided to look into the possible advantages.

Other affiliations are the BSCA, CDLCA and BDCA. The BDCA affiliation cheque went from last year's accounts. This year affiliation will be free if we are, as shown, promoting an event.

15. Club Subscriptions

The Treasurer was happy that the club subscriptions should remain at their present level. The loss made on juniors and children is seen as acceptable and is more than made up for by the encouragement it gives young people to join. The meeting agreed unanimously that they remain the same.

16. Election of Officers

Club officers for the forthcoming year were elected as below :-

Chairman Robin Gould
Vice Chairman Mark Fairman
Secretary Tony Holmes
Treasurer Harry Gould
PRO/Press Secretary Ron Duggins
Social Secretary No Nominations. (To be undertaken jointly by the committee)
Road Race Secretary Richard Clark
Cyclo-X Secretary Harry Gould
Time Trial Secretary Chris Mottram
MTB Secretary Tony Holmes
Web Master Mark Fairman
Coaches Tim Gould, Rick Clarke
Auditors John White, Graham Goulding
Committee Members Keith Noble, John White,Stewart Marsh

The possibility of Joe Angell and Wendy Smith being interested in joining the committee was also put forward. They are to be contacted to ascertain their willingness to join.

A vote of thanks was expressed to Caroline Warren for her work on the committee and best wishes to her, Clive and family for their new life in America.

17. Club Charity

As had already been agreed the charity for 2001 will be Headway.

John White put forward the Air Ambulance as a possible cause for 2002.

18. Project Impruve

An event was run last Saturday 11 November at Lea Green. Unfortunately because of the bad weather only two turned up. They attempted to upgrade from bronze to silver standard, but did not quite make it.

Fourteen children attended the event at Stancliffe School in half term. Two attained gold standard and twelve, bronze standard.

The BCF Challenge 2000 event in May was the best attended in the country. The BCF have decided that those who went from the Derbyshire event to the Regional final in Nottingham should receive free BCF membership for this year and next year. Unfortunately our participants did not do particularly well in the final.

Harry ran the Get Set course for the local council. This was so successful that the council had to restrict entry numbers.

Chris has run the BSCA time trials and road race at Darley Moor.

The club presently has 68 members under 18.

Harry is to write to Cycling Magazine enquiring why Matlock and Ashfield clubs have been omitted from the list of clubs particularly involved with cycling for children.

As part of the PI initiative all those involved have been vetted and cleared by the police. Costs of the procedure were paid for by Derbyshire Dales District Council.

19. Club dinner and Prize Presentation

Robin said that the dinner would be on Friday 19 January 2001 at the Coach House, Lea. 7.30 for 8.00

Tickets are now available.

20 Any Other Business

There was no other business

21 Date of Next Meeting

Thursday 15 November 2001 at 8.00pm.

The meeting closed at 9.20pm.

For more details Ring (01629) 734996 or Email cj@argonet.co.uk.

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