Matlock Cycling Club

5th July 2001

Inter-club 10 at Buxton

name Club TimePosition
Furness, J Matlock 24m 07s 1
Lea, C Buxton 24m 22s 2
Carvill, P Buxton 25m 00s 3
Sharpe, N Buxton 25m 11s 4
Blundell, B Buxton 25m 21s 5
Ivings, M Buxton 25m 36s 6
Green, C Matlock 25m 54s 7
Thoday, R Matlock 25m 58s 8
Gould, R Matlock 25m 59s 9
Cummings, R Buxton 26m 13s 10
Hibbs, J Buxton 26m 20s 11
White, J Matlock 26m 28s 12 -
Howard, M Buxton 26m 28s 12 -
Smith, P Matlock 26m 48s 14
Beswick, S Buxton 27m 15s 15
Barnes, J Buxton 27m 16s 16
Carter, D Matlock 27m 27s 17
Hutson, P Buxton 28m 30s 18
Harboard, A Buxton 28m 54s 19
Millington, A Buxton 28m 59s 20
Carvill, N Buxton 29m 07s 21
Marsh, S Matlock 29m 22s 22
Ibbotson, P Buxton 29m 25s 23
Swan, P Buxton 31m 01s 24
Gould, H Matlock 31m 35s 25
Gobeau, N Buxton 32m 03s 26
Ivings, K Buxton 32m 37s 27
Coverley, C Buxton 33m 53s 28


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